Monday, November 22, 2004

Wake up, Neo.

You wake up one morning and realise that nothing has changed. Yes, I mean nothing has changed. You are the same person who slept yesterday or for that matter the same person who slept everyday in the same bed for 333 days or more. Nothing has changed.

You see the same old
"maa, maa, maaaaaaaa" movies. You get the same old kyunki serials to watch. You eat the same i-rock-rotis or i-rock-idlis daily. You get the same feeling every morning watching that beautiful girl with whom you never talked with and wanna talk to.

You want your no-praise-no-raise boss to change. You want your i-would-not-shut-up girl friend of yours to change. You want the pulsar standing outside to change into an BMW. You want the we-win-but-mostly-we-loose Indian cricket team to change. You want to change Laloo. You want yourself to change.

You want every thing to change. But nothing will change. Nothing will as you arent awake yet.
Take the red pill.

Wake up, Neo.